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Live chat can boost conversion rates by up to 20%.

Your customers may have technical or product questions when they visit your website. Addressing their concerns can mean the difference between capturing an immediate sale and having the customer look elsewhere.

To help your organization bridge this vital communication gap, CBS Systems can provide your website with our high quality and easy-to-operate “Live Chat” application.

The CBS Online Chat app is extremely flexible and can be applied to one or more sites or departments at the same time. It can be customized to meet your current needs and modified again in the future to grow with your organization and requirements.

CBS Online Chat can be managed by multiple operators, applied to multiple websites and operated out of different departments. This allows your organization to minimize manpower, while maximizing customer coverage. What’s more the chat can be stored for future reference.

The cost for your company to implement this direct Online Chat interface to your customer base is very insignificant. Again, keep in mind that there can be multiple websites from the same company participating with each having up to five operators (in the same or different departments).

The cost for this enhanced interactive customer service function is:

  • A one-time set-up fee to install the web-based live chat support software linkup of $99 for the initial site and $59 for each additional site
  • Plus a monthly fee of just $27 for each website.

This is certainly a very small investment to make for the ability to develop relationships with new customers, familiarize them with your product line or service offering, and prevent any of them from taking their business elsewhere due to frustration or lack of attention.

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