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Processing Payments Online

You have probably noticed that many of your customers have come to rely on the convenience and security of purchasing online via credit cards, debit cards and similar payment methods.

Whether you run a small retail shop, a restaurant, a doctor's office, a salon, an E-commerce site, a mail order business or even a large commercial enterprise, website shopping carts and card processing help you to process orders and receive payments quickly and securely. CBS Systems can help you begin to accept credit cards today, while keeping your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

Our payment processing solutions can help you improve your cash flow, minimize your collections risk, and better serve your customers while meeting stringent security standards to protect cardholder data.

You see, CBS Systems has partnered with a leading merchant gateway service provider. In doing so, we can offer a one-stop solution for all of your E-commerce web transactions. With a merchant gateway, you can begin to accept credit card, debit card, PayPal and electronic check payments easily and affordably.

The CBS gateway transaction system is unique, in that everything you need is integrated into a single solution. This approach saves you significant time, money and hassles. Your transaction system can be quickly and easily integrated into your website in a way that creates an E-commerce storefront that is both reliable and secure. At the same time, it maintains the professional look your customers have come to expect. In summary, the CBS Systems approach seamlessly integrates E-commerce processing, software, services, the payment gateway, an Internet merchant account, setup, testing, E-commerce quality hosting, security and reporting into an attractive website.

To begin accepting secure online payments, just give us a call.

Credit Card Payment Gateways
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