Why is CRM needed, and How is it used in small businesses?

CRM is mainly designed to help you maintain better relationships with the customers and drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. These things work well for all small, medium, and large businesses.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is software that should be the heart of your company's interactions with all of your current and future clients or leads. CRMs help manage the contacts, track sales, record activities, send emails, make calls, and do dozens of other functions. 

CRM for small businesses is the potential tool that helps you track and manage customer interactions in the cloud. The CRM for small businesses effectively manages customers' data in a centralized database, keeping all the information.

CRM allows you to access information easily wherever you need it around the clock.CRM Software helps you track the complete sales process from the lead generation, prospects' engagement, sales conversion, close deals, invoice management, customer support. Let us go through some of the benefits of CBS-CRM designed for SMB's and SME's.


Benefits of having CBS-CRM software in small business

There are several benefits of having CBS-CRM software in small businesses, such as

  • Client Management
  • Sales Strategy
  • Targeted Lead Generation
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Affordable cost


Client management

Client management is the first and the most vital part of every business, especially with the overwhelming information that we collect from our customers; every business knows the importance of customer relationship management. These days it's essential to keep track of all the customer information; to store the information, one must have CRM in place to be stressed free, and You won't need to do a stuffy filing cabinet anymore to save the information.

In CBS-CRM, we give options like Business to Business(B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) in the setup wizard to get the data. Under each industry type, both leads and customer data are stored for effective targetting.

Sales Strategy

The sales strategy has become a vital part of every small business. Since the rise of digital marketing and online shopping, change is the only constant in any successful modern business. To survive, you need to adapt to innovation. Our CBS-CRM system allows you to track trends and change your sales strategy as needed.

Targeted lead Generation

For small businesses, it is crucial to generate more leads to grow your business effectively. It is done quickly through bulk email drip campaigns. You can send up to 10 k emails to the targeted leads per day. Hence CBS-CRM helps you automate and streamline your sales process.

It allows you to analyze and determine the correct lead for the business. Potential leads enable you to increase the productivity of the business. 


CBS-CRM is designed exclusively for small businesses that provide you with automation processes like email campaigns and easy integration. It will generate the right leads for your business at the right time to grow your business.

Easy Accessibility

CBS-CRM for small businesses is made for easy accessibility; it helps you access your customer data anytime around the clock with any device, laptop, mobile, or tablet. Etc, it allows you to store the information correctly.

Affordable cost 

Implementing CRM software for your business was highly expensive in the early days. With the emergence of cloud technology, CBS-CRM is cost-effective.

Small businesses need to manage their finance effectively. Managing and tracking sales performance is crucial for small businesses. It necessitates substantial human resources to get involved and sometimes leads to redundancy. 

Think of our CBS-CRM pricing, a cost-effective, simple to use, cloud-based CRM designed exclusively for SMB's users, best for small businesses.



What are the benefits of using email marketing in CRM Software?

In today's market, we can find many CRM software; the business has to be very sure to select the appropriate CRM software according to their business type, size, budget, and target audience.

For Small Medium Businesses (SMB), lifetime free CRM software is highly recommended. You can consider trying the CBS System's SLGT (Sales Lead Generation Tool) that requires no credit card at all. Under the free trial plan itself, you can manage up to 5 employees and send emails up to 200 with five different email templates.

What is automation in email marketing?

Email automation is sending triggered emails to customers/subscribers with relevant information. With email automation, you can generate leads, sales, and revenue, without missing an opportunity.

What are the benefits of email automation?

The benefits of email automation workflows:

  • Automatic and does not require intervention.
  • It helps in nurturing leads to make them more receptive.
  • It helps the sales team.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • It provides better prospect personalization.
  • It paves the way for a planned email strategy.

Email Marketing Automation

By properly planning your subject lines and email main content, you can set up a marketing automation process that sends out your messages at specific times. It gives you the freedom to step away from the computer and enjoy your life. There is no need to watch and wait to ensure that your emails go out at the right time. Email automation done with the email marketing tool is a boon to a busy business.

During Email marketing campaigns, email automation can also play a key role. We know the importance of sending up a good follow-up email at the right time .when we have the best CRM, exclusively for email marketing with email automation features like CBS-CRM, then no need to worry about sending emails at the wrong time. 

Besides email automation, you can also assign other essential duties to the sales team to save time. These include call management, contacts management, Sales commission management, and ticketing. 

Bulk/Mass Email-Sending

Another benefit of using CBS-CRM software for email marketing is sending bulk emails with a single click. It is not just talking about one email to everyone on your contact details list. It is about sending emails in Single Drip and Multi / Group Drip emails to the potential customers that will enhance the visibility of emails. 

By hyper-segmenting the audience /master data, we can easily send customized email templates. Based on the Email Analytics report, we can prepare a sales marketing strategy to help the sales team focus on the interests /potential customers without wasting time. Also for sending announcements, and discounts, we can make use of this.


The role and benefits of Lead Management in CRM


No matter how small or big, the leads are the lifeblood of any business. Leads are high-intent customers who have shown an interest in your products /services but have not made a purchase yet. While starting a new business, a handful of leads is needed, to begin with, to grow and scale.


What is lead management?


Lead management is defined as the process of capturing, tracking, qualifying, and engaging leads until they are ready to be passed to sales executives.


Why do we need lead management?


Though different methods for lead generation are available today via multiple sources and channels such as websites, ads, cold calls, emails, events, etc., it’s critical to have an effective system to manage leads. To get a centralized process to manage lead information, score leads, maintain communication and even nurture them continually, we need to implement the lead management system.


Lead management process


Let’s take a look into the process involved in lead management.

Step 1:

Lead capture


The first and the foremost important step in lead management is lead capture which is carried out through various online and offline sources such as email, social media, webinars, paid ads, trade shows, and more. Adding lead data from these sources into your CRM software is not feasible, especially when high volume. Hence CBS-CRM system ensures that every lead is automatically fed into the system from web forms, emails, and chat, preventing loss of leads.


Drip Email Marketing in CBS-CRM helps you to send bulk emails without leaving the CRM. It also helps you to track emails, create and customize email templates according to your business and brand requirements and then embed them within your emails to capture high-intent leads. We can select the master data according to the business category and set the number of drips required for the concerned email campaign in your CBS-CRM, all in a single click.


Step 2:

Lead tracking


We can visualize what leads are looking at on your email campaign by tracking email visitors. We can learn the leads’ buying intentions that help us communicate better with them by providing the necessary context. CBS-CRM tracks the lead’s activities on website-email viewed, links clicked, resources downloaded, etc. These Email Analytics provide insights into leads’ behavior, allowing sales reps to understand their interests and personalize sales efforts.


Step 3: 

Lead qualification


Lead scoring is an effective way to qualify among leads. It is a methodology for ranking leads using terms such as ‘High,’ ‘Medium,’ or ‘Low’ to determine a prospect’s sales readiness. Whenever a lead is engaged with your business, their lead score gets updated by the sales representatives. CBS-CRM tracks customer/ score in the lead score and sales analytics that can help us effectively align your follow-up to the lead’s activity.

Step 4: 

Lead distribution

Manually assigning leads to the right sales reps is easy when your business is small, and you know them inside out. But when the sales team and number of leads get increased, it is tedious to handle and will also delay the lead response.


With CBS-CRM, we can create a rights management to assign leads to sales representatives and limit access, and more.

Step 5: 

Lead nurturing

To educate and demonstrate the value of your products/services, sending relevant content, promotional offers, etc., to your leads nurtures them forward in their decision-making process.


In CBS-CRM, you can use email campaigns to create, send, and track these personalized nurture campaigns.


Benefits of lead management


• Identify the right leads

• Engage with context

• Improve response time

• Improve productivity and maximize ROI

• Be more accountable


Signup for forever free CBS-CRM and start generating leads now!


Elements of CBS-CRM Software

Elements of CBS-CRM Software

In the beginning, CRM was mostly widely considered to store customer data, but it has changed over the years. Now, CRM has become an end-to-end software where storage is not the only thing it does. Contact Management (94%) still remains at the top as the purpose of a CRM system closely followed by lead nurturing (65%) and email marketing and sales forecasting at 59%.

Let's look at some of the major components of the CBS-CRM system :

  • Data Management
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Other Features

Data Management

Data Management covers HR Management and Customer Management.HR Management is considered an important component for any organization as employees are their most crucial asset. It helps to adopt an effective people strategy and analyze their skills to develop and implement strategies for growth and development.

Customer Management

It collects customer information and data, their purchase patterns as well as shares relevant data with concerned departments. It helps them to take steps to develop their awareness and understanding of the customer needs as well as complaints.

Sales Management

Sales Management covers the sales lead data and sales commission module.

Sales Commission Module (SCM)

SCM is an essential component that includes sales forecasting, recording sales processing, and tracking potential interactions. It brings out the revenue generation opportunities and helps to analyze the sales forecasts and the performances of the workforce.

Lead Management

It helps to keep a track of the sales leads and their distribution. This is widely used in sales industries, marketing firms, and customer executive centers. It encompasses everything from efficient management of campaigns to designing customized forms to finalizing the mailing lists and other things. It also helps to study the purchase patterns of the customer to determine potential sales leads.

Marketing Management

CBS-CRM assists in the marketing process by enhancing the effectiveness of the strategies used for marketing and promotion. Besides the major CRM elements, CBS-CRM has sub-elements like Ticketing Management, Sales Commission Module, Email Campaign Management, Bulk Emails, etc.

Workflow Automation

CBS-CRM helps to automate and streamline different processes and improve overall efficiency. Besides reducing the excess expenditure it also prevents the repetition of tasks. It helps to reduce the paperwork and redundancy is one of the major purposes of a CRM system.

Email Management:

CBS-CRM helps to send bulk emails with a single click. You can select the list of customers based on your requirement and can send email using single -email or single-drip emails. There are lots of standard templates that you can make use of.


It helps to analyze and present collected data so that important learning can be derived and decisions made. It helps to create graphical representations of the data in the form of histograms, charts, figures, and diagrams from the current data as well as past trends. It provides the necessary information for business growth and prosperity.


CBS-CRM  provides different reports on the business. It has the flexibility to create different types of reports which are accurate and precise. It helps to forecast and the ability to export the business reports on other systems is a major requirement for any CRM system.

Email Marketing - To Nurture Leads

Email Marketing - To Nurture Leads


Nowadays, The Internet is radically changing the way, people search and receive information. On businesses, luckily this interconnectedness allows them to deliver content in different ways: social media, blogging, video, audio, and a host of other interactive platforms. Plus, let’s not forget email. You can also select the best CRM for email marketing that lessens your burden.


Email marketing is very much alive. A recent study says that more than 80% of B2B and B2C companies are still using email marketing technologies as part of their marketing strategies. The email content is six times more likely to be clicked than tweeted content. The numbers, compiled by experts and practitioners in the field of marketing, are compelling indeed. Automation, mobile, personalization, engagement, or ROI are echoing the same point—but email is still highly relevant in the modern age.


Personalized Email Marketing


Personalized Emails

To make your prospects to take notice of your message, you need to do so much more than just push your content. Personalizing your emails means you know your subscribers well enough to know what they’re looking for. At the right time and via the right channel, we should be ready to give it to them.

Some of the ways to maximize your personalized email strategies are as follows:


Practice Segmentation


Practicing Segmentation in Your Email Marketing means grouping your leads by their browsing activity, demographic information, and purchase history. This grouped data can then be used to customize your email, making them more relevant to any particular group of contacts.


Segmenting the Email enables you to track your leads’ activity according to the category they belong to. With this information, you can come up with different customer personas. Providing the relevant content that’s valuable to each persona group is our next move.


Offer Well-Tailored Content


We should understand that “creating relevant and compelling content” is the most effective and the most challenging email marketing tactic. So let's see how we do it?


Use personalized emails to direct your customers to a landing page on your website, which should have the same look and copy as your email, including CTAs is. The idea is identifying your customer segments, writing custom emails for each segment, and developing several landing pages for that particular segment. With this strategy, you give your leads an integrated, personalized email experience and encourage them to convert as customers.


Automate Your Email Marketing


To generate, nurture, and manage leads, and you need tools to automate the majority of the tasks involved in email marketing. These automated tools are not only meant to make things easier for you but also help you to scale things up in the personalized email department as well.


The strategy involves sending emails to accounts that haven’t been active on the platform for some time, encouraging them to engage more. As a welcome greeting, for up-selling or cross-selling pitches, and sending updates about your subscriber’s account we can make use of trigger emails. Check out our CBS-CRM‘s Marketing Management Module that has options to select Additional Email Services in 10K, 100 K, and 1 Million Slabs according to your needs.


The Nature of Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation


Automation is marketing technology in action that enables you in tracking the digital footprints of your leads, turning those interactions into insights about the customers’ sales journey, and help you in crafting better content to drive prospects towards a purchase decision. Simply go for free trial signup at CBS Systems Corp and avail of free Sales Lead Generation CBS-CRM with Email Marketing.





E-Mail Marketing – An art of driving Enormous Website Traffic!!

E-Mail Marketing – An art of driving Enormous Website Traffic!!


“Nothing can turn on your Customers as like an Authentic & Honest Message”

 Sending Messages through E-mail to your customers is a highly effective way of communication to get their attention. E-Mail Marketing is a direct Marketing process for sending commercial and important messages, enhancing the brand value among the customers.

                             “Reliable Messages build a relationship

                                    A relationship forms the trust

                                        Trust brings revenue”

E-Mail marketing is not merely a process of getting traffic to the site for making the revenue. The prolonged E-mail Communication with your Customers turned them into “Life long-lasting” Customers for your services/Products.

Any Marketer would accept the strategy that “More Visibility” drives “More Traffic”, it eventually brings the revenue. E-Mail Marketing is a cost-effective tactic to send promotional messages & templates across the targeted demographic customers to bring them to websites to experience the quality Services /Products of your Business.

So this crucial and decisive task should be taken care of the following factors.



  •         Build a credible E-Mail List:

The success of the E-Mail marketing lies in the building of a credible and quality E-Mail List. We couldn’t fetch the water from an empty vessel. 

An E-Mail list is a list of organized E-mail Addresses. Collect E-mail Addresses from the Sign-Up forms, Social Media, Blogs, and Forums. Segment those healthy E-mail addresses concerning their interests and expectations for increasing the repeated visits.

  •         Mail Personalized Messages:

Customize your E-Mail content to meet the requirements of your Customers. To avoid “Spammy content” design a message to fulfill their needs. Personalized messages increase Open rates.

  •         Set the proper landing pages in the E-Mail Campaign:

It’s very important to direct the E-mail reader to a relevant page which provides further information for your highlighted message. Hence set the right landing pages that comprise detailed Information.

  •         Make Creative Interactions:

Create a poll or send them trivia questions to know about their needs and product choices. This information will help you to pave the way for making customers engage with your services.

  •         Embed Social media with E-mail:

Never forget to embed social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It maximizes the website visibility and makes them explore your presence on the Social Media platform.



So believe that E-Mail Marketing is still working effectively to drive visitors and turn them into your paying customers.

Contact CBS Systems Corp that offers CBS-CRM along with Email Marketing Tool to execute a well-designed E-Mail Marketing Campaign to drive huge traffic for your website.