We offer free membership at CBS.

New users of CBS-CRM receive a confirmation email and the given link is clicked for account confirmation and they are referred to as registered Users.


At CBS, we accept payment through Pay Pal, Automatic Bank Account Debit (ACH) and Credit Card.

No. You do not get a refund of your money, in the case if you choose to deactivate your First E Source membership before the estimated expiry.


Yes we have annual membership subscription package at CBS. Do check our website or contact our Customer support center for more details.

No, you can't change from higher to Lower plan

Available Features

The CBS-CRM platform is built to provide a seamless Email marketing experience.

Helps in maintaining the required information towards customer's preferences and managing leads and customers for a better relationship.

Yes. We have life time free subscription . Click Here for more details

No, you are limited only upto 10 users.

CBS-CRM plans support unlimited users. *Except Free Trial Plan.

Yes, You can access bcoz CBS-CRM is cloud based.

Yes, We have Sales Commission and Ticketing Module for better facilitation.

Yes, we have Sales Commission and Ticketing Modues.

Service Support

You can find answers to all of your questions in our FAQ section. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team. Monday to Friday, 00:00 a.m. to 00:00 p.m.


Click Here to learn more about our available packages.

The amount will be deducted for the higher plan, the lower plan subscription amount will be credited in credit memo and the amount will be deducted in next recurring payment.


No additional software is required to use our CBS-CRM.

It is compatible with the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.


Yes, you can consider buying Additional Services separately.