Blog posts of '2021' 'November'

What are the benefits of using email marketing in CRM Software?

In today's market, we can find many CRM software; the business has to be very sure to select the appropriate CRM software according to their business type, size, budget, and target audience.

For Small Medium Businesses (SMB), lifetime free CRM software is highly recommended. You can consider trying the CBS System's SLGT (Sales Lead Generation Tool) that requires no credit card at all. Under the free trial plan itself, you can manage up to 5 employees and send emails up to 200 with five different email templates.

What is automation in email marketing?

Email automation is sending triggered emails to customers/subscribers with relevant information. With email automation, you can generate leads, sales, and revenue, without missing an opportunity.

What are the benefits of email automation?

The benefits of email automation workflows:

  • Automatic and does not require intervention.
  • It helps in nurturing leads to make them more receptive.
  • It helps the sales team.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • It provides better prospect personalization.
  • It paves the way for a planned email strategy.

Email Marketing Automation

By properly planning your subject lines and email main content, you can set up a marketing automation process that sends out your messages at specific times. It gives you the freedom to step away from the computer and enjoy your life. There is no need to watch and wait to ensure that your emails go out at the right time. Email automation done with the email marketing tool is a boon to a busy business.

During Email marketing campaigns, email automation can also play a key role. We know the importance of sending up a good follow-up email at the right time .when we have the best CRM, exclusively for email marketing with email automation features like CBS-CRM, then no need to worry about sending emails at the wrong time. 

Besides email automation, you can also assign other essential duties to the sales team to save time. These include call management, contacts management, Sales commission management, and ticketing. 

Bulk/Mass Email-Sending

Another benefit of using CBS-CRM software for email marketing is sending bulk emails with a single click. It is not just talking about one email to everyone on your contact details list. It is about sending emails in Single Drip and Multi / Group Drip emails to the potential customers that will enhance the visibility of emails. 

By hyper-segmenting the audience /master data, we can easily send customized email templates. Based on the Email Analytics report, we can prepare a sales marketing strategy to help the sales team focus on the interests /potential customers without wasting time. Also for sending announcements, and discounts, we can make use of this.