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Elements of CBS-CRM Software

Elements of CBS-CRM Software

In the beginning, CRM was mostly widely considered to store customer data, but it has changed over the years. Now, CRM has become an end-to-end software where storage is not the only thing it does. Contact Management (94%) still remains at the top as the purpose of a CRM system closely followed by lead nurturing emails (65%) and email marketing and sales forecasting at 59%.

Let's look at some of the major components of the CBS-CRM system :

  • Data Management
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Other Features

Data Management

Data Management covers HR Management and Customer Management.HR Management is considered an important component for any organization as employees are their most crucial asset. It helps to adopt an effective people strategy and analyze their skills to develop and implement strategies for growth and development.

Customer Management

It collects customer information and data, their purchase patterns as well as shares relevant data with concerned departments. It helps them to take steps to develop their awareness and understanding of the customer needs as well as complaints.

Sales Management

Sales Management covers the sales lead data and sales commission module.

Sales Commission Module (SCM)

SCM is an essential component that includes sales forecasting, recording sales processing, and tracking potential interactions. It brings out the revenue generation opportunities and helps to analyze the sales forecasts and the performances of the workforce.

Lead Management

It helps to keep a track of the sales leads and their distribution. This is widely used in sales industries, marketing firms, and customer executive centers. It encompasses everything from efficient management of campaigns to designing customized forms to finalizing the mailing lists and other things. It also helps to study the purchase patterns of the customer to determine potential sales leads.

Marketing Management

CBS-CRM assists in the marketing process by enhancing the effectiveness of the strategies used for marketing and promotion. Besides the major CRM elements, CBS-CRM has sub-elements like Ticketing Management, Sales Commission Module, Email Campaign Management, Bulk Emails, etc.

Workflow Automation

CBS-CRM helps to automate and streamline different processes and improve overall efficiency. Besides reducing the excess expenditure it also prevents the repetition of tasks. It helps to reduce the paperwork and redundancy is one of the major purposes of a CRM system.

Email Management:

CBS-CRM helps to send bulk emails with a single click. You can select the list of customers based on your requirement and can send email using single -email or single-drip emails. There are lots of standard templates that you can make use of.


It helps to analyze and present collected data so that important learning can be derived and decisions made. It helps to create graphical representations of the data in the form of histograms, charts, figures, and diagrams from the current data as well as past trends. It provides the necessary information for business growth and prosperity.


CBS-CRM  provides different reports on the business. It has the flexibility to create different types of reports which are accurate and precise. It helps to forecast and the ability to export the business reports on other systems is a major requirement for any CRM system.